He bet $ 5 million on Joe Biden – this new rich in cryptocurrency believed it first

The cryptosphere takes part in politics – Unlike France where private donations to political candidates are limited to 4,600 euros (to avoid plutocracy ), these same donations in the United States can be insane. This is the case of Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of the FTX platform, who was able to give $ 5.2 million to elect the candidate of his choice, Joe Biden.

The American presidential elections: a story of big money

The OpenSecrets site allows you to find out who are the main funders of the 2 candidates for the American presidency, Donald Trump and Joe Biden .

Total campaign funding for the 2 contenders was $ 863.5 million for the incumbent president and more than $ 1.38 billion for his rival, Biden.

A donation of $ 5.2 million to the Democratic candidate

What interests us more particularly in this article is the page of the biggest contributors of Joe Biden (below).

One can see that even though the billionaire media group Bloomberg is by far the largest funder (with 57.3 million ), there is also the derivatives platform crypto, FTX , of Sam Bankman-Fried . The company offered the Democratic candidate a nice jackpot of $ 5.22 million .

Joe Biden campaign contributors

Who would have believed it? Even a few years later, it was unthinkable that a cryptocurrency-related group would become a political influencer on such a scale. Today, it appears FTX’s contribution secured Joe Biden the country’s presidency. The future looks bright for cryptocurrencies.